Prepare Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 Inch

Prepare Samsung Galaxy Fonblet 5.8 Inch
E-Mauli - Samsung seems to have some products that are ready to be formally introduced soon. Latest news, they will launch a mobile peroduk jumbo called Galaxy Fonblet.

The news was reported by media sources quoted SamMobile related. Reportedly, Samsung's patented Fonblet name because it combines the functions of a smartphone with a tablet PC.

Not many specs that appear in this leak. The screen size at 5.8 inches, bigger than Galaxy Note II.

His form is reportedly similar to the music player Galaxy Player. While Jelly Bean Android operating system and has Dual SIM capability.

Excerpted from The E-Mauli Inquistr, Monday (01/22/2013), Galaxy Fonblet likely introduced at the Mobile World Congress in February. This event will reportedly be the emergence of the Galaxy Note 8.0.