Sony Ericsson W8 User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson W8 User Manual Guide
Sony Ericsson W8 User Manual Guide
Design :
Sony Ericsson W8 is an Xperia X8 with a slight change in color and material. In form, the second the phone is just like spitting W8 with paint displayed a more glossy than its predecessor. Even the same size and weight, which is 99 x 54 x 15 mm and weighing 104 grams.

The screen size and resolution of the phone is the best in its class. Images look sharp and the touch screen sensitivity is very okay, two thumbs nimble dance when you can walk on it. The screen is responsive to even the lightest touch. With it, users will feel the experience of using a touch screen mobile phone extraordinary.

Below the screen are three hardware buttons to run the Menu, Home and Back. All three are key made of thin metal. Because the W8 is a mobile phone to listen to music, of course he has a dedicated and volume control 3.5 mm audio jack. No volume control on the right side of the phone next to the camera shutter button, while the audio jack port located at the top near the microUSB port and the power button.

Note :
W8 is available in three color options: Azure, red and orange. Only the back cover different colors, while the glossy black front inviolable.

Features :
Although seared walkman phone, but W8 does not have much choice in the music player feature settings. Sure there are standard options such as shuffle and loop, but the choice of sound settings such as bass booster and equalizer are not presented in this model.

Still talking about the music, W8 also has TrackID feature. This feature can identify the song title and the singer heard only by giving the piece a song. So when you hear a song on the radio that makes me curious, quite todongkan this phone while running TrackID, he will help you.

Imaging is handled by mobile phone in a 3.15 MP camera with a maximum resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. Just like its audio player, this feature will poor output support options. Photo gallery systems together with other Android.

Note :
Which makes W8 looks old is he not able to do pinch zooming in the browser as well as viewing photos.

Performance :
Using android version 2.1 Eclair which is already very outdated minus value for this mobile phone. Wide range of capabilities that we normally see on Android Froyo and above like pinch zooming and voice dial. In UI also we hardly see to-androidannya, which we see is a walkman phone Sony Ericsson usual.

Reinforced 1200 mAh lithium polymer battery, you can use this phone to listen to music all day long. When in standby, the Sony Ericsson sure their product is able to live up to 446 hours.

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