Sony Ericsson j102i User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson j102i User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson j102i User Manual Guide 
Design :
Elm fairly compact candybar model with a typical curve of the SE which comfortably held. The shape is slim enough that it can fit in a wallet. With a weight of 90 grams is quite light, but the Elm feels good in the hand thanks to quality materials. Accompanied by a camera lens flash are on the back while the volume control and camera shortcut key on the left side.

Just below the screen are the navigation deck. Arrangement of buttons similar to most SE phones. In terms of solid plastic material comfort when squeezed into Elm excellence. D-pad is perfect with a squeeze quite wide and clear. Alphanumeric keypad is made of a type of rubber-plastic mix.

Note :
There is only one hole for every connection (recharge, USB, handsfree). It was kind of exclusive that only exist in SE phones. So if it breaks, rather risky.

Features :
Functions like the camera on Elm special attention. Evident from the supporting features that can be done through the camera. One of the two most crucial is the presence of the flash and autofocus. After that, 5 Mpix camera is also accompanied by features geo-tagging and face detection. Ability to record images at VGA @ 30fps should also thumbs up. Shots and footage somewhat charming.

Elm front view is actually fun. But this is true only for those who like social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Besides that, not much else available for the homescreen widget. Display the main menu is fairly monotonous. Practically nothing new from the SE regular menu. Though Elm inserted many new features thrown into the folder.

Elm has Google maps and Wisepilot navigation service from Navteq. Through Maps version 3.0, many supporting features like the map Latitude, My Location, Favorites, and more. Still using a special browser which is characteristic of the Sony Ericsson Elm also uses NetFront v3.5 browser. Thanks to the HSDPA network with speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, surfing on Elm feels more sprightly. Wifinya connection was perfect. The average accessing the site faster than other phones based on the proprietary SE.

Media center on Elm covers everything. Ranging from photos, music, videos, games, and RSS feeds. Latest version of the Walkman player is more interesting with the option 'skin' lots and auto-rotate. Support formats that can be played fairly complete with features complete support. Starting from the equalizer, mega bass, stereo widening up.

Note :
Navigation of Google can not be used to Indonesia. Therefore Sony Ericsson gives himself through Wisepilot navigation application.

Performance :
For the majority of phones from Sony Ericsson, Elm fairly quickly. From the operation of standard features to access the internet, getting better. To levels similar phones, Elm worthy of choice. Plus, eco-friendly materials into its own value for the lovers 'Go Green'.

Lithium Polymer 1000 mAh power with a power supply for the Elm. According to the vendor, with the capacity, Elm able to standby up to 430 hours with a talk time of 4 hours. In testing, Elm only lasts 3 days for peak usage before finally asking recharge.