Sony Ericsson Hazel User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson Hazel User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson Hazel User Manual Guide
Design :
Sony Ericsson Hazel selecting design shear (slidding). With still carry the typical form of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone, namely the Human Curvature, which resemble curved body behind a man's back. Almost the entire body is plastic coated abrasive Hazel.

Sony Ericsson Hazel screen size is quite roomy and look sharp. Together with a series of recent Sony Ericsson phones, Hazel also presents 4 widgets on the home screen that can be hidden. But Hazel is filled with widgets in Facebook, Twitter, Calender and Walk Mate Eco.

Hazel only just dihiasai buttons: volume and camera on the right side. While there is a button at the bottom of the screen: left / right softkeys, call, end call, my shortcut, clear and 5-way navigation. Sony Ericsson re-pin port that is classic Pop Port in Hazel. These ports are used together for the charger, data cable and headset.

Note :
Hazel wallpaper manifold can display Flash animation file. Not included in the sales package Micro SD memory card, so it must be purchased separately

Features :
Sony Ericsson Hazel brings a 5 megapixel camera accompanied by facility: smile detection, panorama, frames, scenes, face detection, macro, flash, self timer, white balance, effects, autofocus, position, night mode, brightness and digital zoom. There are also Photo Fix to edit the photos are dark.

One feature entertainment provided Hazel, Music Player, which include shuffle, loop, equalizer, stereo widening. Also provided the Music Player 7 (Styles) which can be changed. Do not miss the Video Player. There is also an FM radio to plug in a headset to be active. There is also the Track ID feature that can give you the info (singer, title, album, etc.) of the song is heard.

Internet access in Hazel supports up to HSDPA (7.2 Mbps) / HSUPA (2 Mbps), plus WiFi. For browsing, provided Netfront browser and Opera browser. Hazel Asistes equipped with GPS-assisted GPS (location data from nearby base stations). Also supported Location Services which there features: Google Maps, Navigation (WisePilot), Tracker.

Note :
Internet has provided a variety of operator settings, but must manually selected according simcard used.

Performance :
Same with some Sony Ericsson phones other Green Heart, Sony Ericsson Hazel is able to deliver the features and online entertainment, combined with features that can arouse awareness to protect the environment. Especially online entertainment features and high-power presented. And all these features can act smoothly and quickly.

To support the various activities, the phone is equipped with a Lithium Polymer type of battery charge capacity of 1000 mAh. We tried to enjoy the various features in this phone, the battery can last all day.

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