Nokia X2-02 User Manual Guide

Nokia X2-02 User Manual Guide
Nokia X2-02 User Manual Guide
Design :
Design Nokia X2-02 passing similar to the Nokia X1-01. Differences in air-SIM music phone dual is located on the side that looks more solid. Also on the back of Nokia X2-02 there are 2 MP camera sensors and speakers of different shapes. When viewed in terms of dimensions, the Nokia X2-02 handset has dimensions of 113 mm long, 5 cm wide and 15 mm thick and weighs only 71 grams lighter.

Dual SIM technology is unique in this series, because it has the function of easy swap that could change the SIM card in the second slot without having to restart the phone. Terms weird is, the second SIM slot will not work if there is no one SIM is active or not. Special SIM 1, located behind the battery.

Designed as a music phone can be seen clearly in the presence of a dedicated music key. Internal Storage can be said to be provided. But Nokia gives the type microSD memory card slot that can be filled up to 32GB capacity. So that users can store and play thousands of songs. The slot is located on the outer frame, so the microSD can be inserted and remove it at will without having to kill the cell phone signal.

The body is made of glossy plastic with a variety of colors like black, red, and blue. Alphanumeric keypad and trackpad input four-way wrench venture into mobile software. Supported by the large size of the keys, allow users to do the typing.

Note :
SIM 2 does not work without the presence of SIM 1

Features :
As a music phone, the main ammunition lies in customer satisfaction in enjoying the song. In order to deliver the best experience, the music player on the X2-02 is equipped with an equalizer that can be configured according to user preferences. Speaker body located in the lower back, sounding very clear and tight. Nokia X2-02 can play a variety of music file formats such as Mp3, Wav, Wma, Aac + up. While the video player could gobble Mp4 file format, wmv, and H.263.

Besides enjoying the song files on the memory card, the owner of X2-02 also could hear the radio favorite, and even record it. Amazingly, this series is equipped with an internal antenna, so no need to plug earset to hear the announcer's pet. Other features provided are Play via Radio, which plays songs in the SIM into the mobile audio system by way of radio frequency equating Nokia X2-02 with mobile radios.

Without the presence of LED flash, 2 MP sensor camera with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels only produce standard quality. The camera is also able to record video with VGA resolution.

Homescreen presented in this variant the operator network indicator, clock, date, accompanied by 5 pieces of shortcuts that can be customized. The menu is presented like Nokia Asha 200, Symbian icons like Anna. Although relatively high mobile phone, the Nokia X2-02 can also be loaded with applications available in Nokia stores. Default application that is already embedded Nokia Life tools, photos, store, and games.

Note :
Games that have been installed into the existing variants Cuty Bloxx, Bounce tales, and Diamond rush.

Performance :
Although the entry segment of music, Nokia does not necessarily ignore outbreaks are mushrooming internet youth user. There is no choice of path alias free WiFi, owner of X2-02 only can surf through official channels operator. Although limited to GPRS, surf on this model quite well. Nokia Browser with the latest technology that is claimed to compress data up to 90 percent, making the internet's in this series is lighter and efficient credit course.

Wireless connections are available in this series in the form of Nokia bluetooth and micro USB data cable types. The battery capacity of 1020 mAh supplied. Nokia claims, the magnitude, the Nokia X2-02 can last up to 18 days standby and talk time up to 9.7 hours.