BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio User Manual Guide

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio User Manual Guide
Design :
Through the series BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio for the first time RIM (Research In Motion) officially launched its products from Indonesia. BlackBerry Bellagio has a dimension of 110 x 60 x 11.4 mm and weighs 107 grams. With dimensions like that, this smartphone is very ergonomic grip, and placed in a pants pocket.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio User Manual Guide

BlackBerry Bold 9790 Bellagio

As with any series of BlackBerry Dakota, which also carries the Bellagio design qwerty touch screen bar is also equipped with a 2.45-inch span. The screen is TFT technology brings a depth of 16 million colors. For ease of navigation, the BlackBerry Bellagio is also equipped with optical trackpad navigation system. At the bottom of the screen there are five physical buttons that look very similar to the Torch 9860/9850. These buttons are typical navigation buttons BlackBery, such as call buttons, menu, trackpad, back and end the call button.

Button to lock / unlock are on the upper side. Holes 3.5 mm headset port is on the left side of the phone, while a micro USB port located under the phone that RIM is usually placed on the left or right side of the phone. Volume buttons and convinience key located on the right side of the phone.

Note :
Body around the BlackBerry Bold 9790 comes with a chrome bezel that looks sleek and elegant.

Features :
This smartphone is equipped with a 5 MP camera with a resolution. Completeness of the features of the camera include flash lights, LED, geo tagging and auto focus support. More to add dynamics, available face detection, night mode, portrait, and landscape. As for the video recording feature, unfortunately still limited to a maximum resolution capability of VGA (640 x 480 pixels).

One advantage of the BlackBerry Bellagio is not because the adoption of the latest OS, the BlackBerry OS7. The download speeds, and access was increased significantly compared with the BlackBerry OS6, especially OS5. Plus the touch screen capabilities, plus track pad makes browsing very unpleasant sensation, not to mention available pinch zooming that is very intriguing.

The music player is quite simple, typical BlackBerry series before, is a little bit boring because of the lack of variety. But to add to the impression of dynamic and quality music, there is a setting in order to increase the audio boost sound and equalizer can be set. As bearers of BlackBerry OS7, Bellagio is not only armed with access to 3G/HSDPA, Bluetooth, and WiFi, for access to the latest generation such as NFC (near field communicattion) had been immersed.

Note :
With specs speed of 29 frames per second. The results look less sharp video recording, plus the small screen size.

Performance :
BlackBerry Bellagio fairly slick performance to run all of its features. With Marvel Tavor MG 1GHz processor, the ability to run multitasking smartphone also looks good. With a minimalist design, it is very fitting for the BlackBerry Bellagio conducting messaging, and chat.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 using type JM-1 with a capacity of 1230 mAh, the same as used on the BlackBerry Bold 9900, 9930, 9850 and 9860. The use of intense while testing the battery for 15 hours, where before the battery is fully charged.

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