BlackBerry Playbook Manual Guide Pdf

BlackBerry Playbook Manual Guide Pdf
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There is no much difference between the size of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 , which is equally mengusun 7-inch screen. The cross-section is definitely didomininasi screen tablet coated glossy plastic material. On the back cover, plastic material using an abrasive plastic material, this makes the PlayBook impressed mantab currently in hand.

    At the top is the on / off button adjacent to the play / pause and volume. Showing consoles made by RIM (Research In Motion) is very concerned with the entertainment (music and video). Then the right side of the bottom there is a micro USB port, whereas the left and right sides left plain without the presence of the instrument. The whole PlayBook has dimensions of 194x130x10 mm and weighs 425 grams.

This type of display is carrying accelerometer technology. One unique, in the Playbook there is no back button, 'to cover features that are running, how done by rubbing the bottom of the screen to the top, the display on the features will shrink, and you live next touch' buttons' close.

Note :

Although fairly compact dimensions, but it must be recognized weight heavier than the PlayBook tablet competitors, such as Samsung Galaxy Tab weighs 380 grams. Playbook is not equipped with a SIM card and also not equipped with a memory slot ekstenal. PlayBook sold variants of internal memory with a capacity of 16/32/64 GB.

Features :
Imaging capabilities PlayBook pretty cool, readily available primary 5 Mpix camera attached on the back cover. While on the front side, facing the user pinned 3 Mpix camera lens. The menu on the camera is equipped with digital zoom, autofocus and geotagging. In addition to photographing, the camera can also be enabled for video recording, unsparing quality resolution can be captured full HD (high definition) 1080p.

To get Internet access, PlayBook can only rely on WiFi access. Although created with limited access, but the internet connection can be tricked by internet thetring feature that allows users to access the Internet via the mobile network from other devices. Related internet, email account settings are available for the Google mail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail and AOL. As the smartphone version, also available with lane lines such as Facebook and Twitter apps.

As an entertainment console, PlayBook also features an HDMI port, so they can enjoy HD video on the TV screen without compromising quality. PlayBook also holds a robust business console, because the tablet has included some features of an office, such as office comprising To Go Word / Sheet / Slideshow To Go. All three can open and edit the file word / excel and PowerPoint. This tablet is also available in Adobe Reader to open the PDF file.

Note :

PlayBook can still run feature BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), I use the BlackBerry Bridge facility access bridge between the tablet with a BlackBerry smartphone via the WiFi.

Performance :
BlackBerry PlayBook has a dual core processor Cortex-A9 1GHz processor, Power VR SGX540 GPU, TI OMAP 4430. From the specs shows that the performance of this tablet powerful enough to handle some multimedia applications. PlayBook interface arguably much different from most who carry the Android tablet. Playbook is powered by lithium polymer batteries with a capacity of 5300 mAh. When you operate the tablet in full, the battery will run out in a single day.

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