BlackBerry Torch 9800 Manual Guide Pdf

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Manual Guide Pdf
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In this state the hidden QWERTY keypad, Torch body size comparable to Onyx. The design is also somewhat similar, with the silver list that decorate around the edge. Most of the plastic form glosy Torch body, except the back (battery cover) is made of rubber contoured horizontal line. Torch decorated hole Jack 3.5 mm headset, the volume keys and camera button on the right side and MicroUSB port (for charger and data cable) on the left side. At the bottom of the screen pinned buttons: Trackpad, Call, End Call, Back and Option (blackberry logo button).

The touch screen is no longer in Tocrh SurePress as Storm series. Rather be a regular touch screen. Display menu is divided into 5 homescreen (Favorite, Media, Downloads, Frequent), which can be replaced by rubbing the screen to the right / left. In addition to a touch screen, can also access the menu with the Trackpad. Four buttons on the right and left Trackpad, a glimpse of the type touchpad, turned out to be the usual buttons to be pressed. To pull out qwerty keypad, just slide the screen up. Qwerty keypad feels soft pressed, position and size is also convenient.

Note :
When gripped Torch feels quite weighty. : The touch screen was sensitive. But when jelejah menus with the touch of a finger, press and also uncommon mistake.

Internet access was fast because the Torch could walk up to the HSDPA / HSUPA (3.5 G). Or can also be connected via WiFi. The browser can open multiple sites at once (multitasking), and can be viewed in a row. This new feature on the Blackberry OS 6. There is a feature in your browser Find on Page (search words), Send Page Address (to send the site address), Copy Page Address, and Search (via Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Wikipedia,

5 megapixel camera that carried the Torch comes: Autofocus, Flash, Face Detection, Portrait, Sport, Landscape, Close-up, Image Stab ilization, Scene and Geotagging. There is nothing new in the Music Player, namely the animated display of Album Art (the picture accompanying the song) that was owned by the song. So to change the song enough to wipe Album Art kana or left. Music Player comes with its own features Playlist, Shuffle, Repeat, Equalizer (12 choices) and Audio Boost.

Torch has embedded GPS receiver, a digital map assisted in working the Blackberry Maps. When activating Blackberry Maps, automatically detects the location where the phone immediately located. After that point the location could send it (Send Location), seeking certain other locations (Find Location) or knowing route to a specific location (Get Direction).

Note :
If you want to hear the songs sound more stereo, can use the default headset. Or it could be via Bluetooth Headset
Performance :
The touch screen on the Blackberry Torch which is no longer SurePress, it feels more comfortable. And for those who are unfamiliar, no qwerty keypad that feels soft pressed. Latest operating systems (Blackberry OS 6), also provide comfort differently than previous Blackberry series. Supported the performance of this phone is fairly fast in turn sharing feature.

RIM claims that the battery in the Torch (in full state) can last for 30 hours if it is just to play a song, and 6 hours if you just play the video. While trying to enjoy the various features, a battery capable of supplying power during the day.

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