BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 Manual Guide Pdf

BlackBerry Storm 2 9520 Manual Guide Pdf
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Without keypad. This is the identity of the serial BlackBerry Storm 2, which uses a full touch-screen operation. Exactly the same dimensions as its predecessor, the 112.5 x 62.2 x 13.95 mm. As for the affairs of the weights, the Storm 2 is the weight of 5 grams 160 grams. On / off button at the top. Shares the right is the volume button and camera button. Slot for charger and data cable is on the left of the phone.

The screen technology brings TFT 65K colors with a resolution of 480 x 360 pixels, relatively wide and roomy for a device in its class. The display screen can be set to be activated automatically in vertical and horizontal modes.

Note :
The position of the external memory has brought the concept hotswap.

Storm 2 have a stock 3.2 MP camera which has a flash light. To rely on the HSDPA internet access, speed skating in the virtual world can be relied upon, if still not be available WiFi access. Like most BlackBerry phone, the Storm 2 also comes with the power of email and chat features views.

Want to move a data from Storm 2 to the PC or vice versa, can use a data cable or bluetooth. For this purpose, RIM is providing the software desktop manager so that both devices can be synchronized with each other Currently manager of desktop applications already at level 5, if you have a CD yet reached version, you'll want to download yourself on the official website at address

Note :
To receive the file, there should be a special setting as the receiver.

In general, satisfactory performance of the Storm 2. The main features of its flagship all worked fine and the maximum. Similarly, when used on the phone, listen to music, take pictures and also record video plus. The only limitation is that not maximized office application as well as other smartphone devices. You must buy office applications if you want to burying it into the Storm 2.

Storm 2 battery power of 1400 mAh. This phone is expected to be active up to 305 hours with a talk time of approximately 5 hours. While testing the condition of the battery is full, the red battery indicator obtained after the use of less than 5 hours.
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