BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx Manual Guide Pdf

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx Manual Guide Pdf
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Design :
Compared to its predecessor, Onyx aka Bold II display is already far more trendy. Besides bodynya leaner, Bold II also does not seem stiff, with a lighter weight as well. Although, from the details and material body, this phone seems a little lost his touch as a lux-mobile.

Body smaller qwerty keypad is also a consequence of smaller and more crowded. Although it still feels good, because it still adopts the concept of outstanding keypad. Also because the material remains soft keypad when pressed. But updates on tombolnavigasi, who is now using the trackpad, just bring refreshment.

Smaller dimensions make the screen is also smaller than its predecessor. When you're used to using Bold, will be a little less convenient when switching to Bold II. Display menu icons too small. The screen is still wearing the same type with the Bold, TFT 65K colors depth.

Note :
Screen undisturbed despite appearing under the scorching sun

Of course, this feature is the "spirit" of the BlackBerry. This is where the greatest strength, with push email service as the back bone. For email, as usual, just do a simple setting step, enter the email account, and the service is ready for use. For text messages (SMS), have an advantage with a view backed up from the previous SMS number.

Music player is able to recognize a variety of file formats, such as 3GP, MP3, WMA9, WMA9 Pro, WMA9 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, AAC, AAC +, eAAC +. But the music player is not the best feature of this phone. Quality sound output from the speakers mediocre. Similarly, the output sound through the headset. However, there are improvements on the 3.5 mm audio port, which allows it to adopt external stereo headset jack.

Imaging features will not be separated from the craze users in terms of accessing social networking sites like Facebook. Bold weakness that only 2 MP camera, improved by equipping Bold II with 3.2 MP camera. Of course the picture better, and more worthy to be uploaded directly to Facebook, for example. Moreover, already equipped with features image stabilization and auto focus, which is not contained in the Bold earlier.

Note :
Setting storage into external memory

In general, the performance of Onyx is very good, even arguably satisfy. Especially when running applications that became the backbone of the BlackBerry, such as email, chat, internet browser, downloadable applications all running smoothly. At best constraint operator fluctuating signals. While functioning as a telecommunication tool is also fairly good.

The power of the battery of 1500 mAh. According to the manufacturer, RIM will be able to survive up to 21 days standby talk time up to 6 hours. Tested to idle and the use of standard, force reached only 4 days. However, when used actively as chat, browser, and more, one less battery indicator bars in the use of a few hours.

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