BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3G Manual Guide Pdf

BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3G Manual Guide Pdf
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A cursory look at this phone, is no different than other candybar phones. The shape is small, quite thin, with a black metallic alloy materials Election combination of plastic and metal on the back cover makes the phone feel rough when held. Indentations like waves on the numeric keypad adds to the unique overall look of this series. RIM equip this series with Sure Type technology that allows users to feel more comfortable with touch keypad. This is evident when it is used for instant messaging, upbeat feel comfortable numeric keypad

Through optical navigation trackpad, we can more freely explore diverse menu more easily. Trackpad sensitivity is equivalent to the series such as BlackBerry Onyx and Gemini.

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There is a direct button to play music on the side of the phone like the one on the BlackBerry Gemini. With emerging as a candybar phone, automatic reading room on the screen is not as big as qwerty phone. However, high resolution is 360 x 400 pixels, a variety of on-screen menu can appear with clear quality.

Though tiny, the Pearl 3G has been equipped with a 3.2 MP camera that comes with flash. In addition to taking pictures, the camera can also be used to record video with VGA resolution at 30 fps. Some features complement the operation of the camera like flash settings, autofocus, geotagging up to 'mark' locations we snapped object.

Armed with a 3G connection, the phone is fairly reliable to access a variety of sites. By default web browser from RIM, we can explore with features such as recent pages, history, refresh, to set encoding. A variety of Internet-based applications can also be installed as easily as Facebook, Twitter, until BlackBerry Apps. In addition to connecting to 3G networks (HSDPA / HSUPA), the phone also has the facility to connect to the internet via WiFi. The process of setting Wi-Fi is also simple, with exploration into manage the menu and set up the connection to a WiFi network.

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In addition to WiFi, the phone also provides a network connection via bluetooth, which is useful for communication between devices at close range. Bluetooth facility is also equipped with A2DP technology for easy music lovers who use this phone.

3G connection capabilities and a host of other multimedia features that complement this series it was going to be able to meet the needs of users. Especially for those who like a BlackBerry but unwilling to use qwerty keypad, Pearl 3G 9105 can be an alternative option.

A myriad of features that accompany making RIM equip this phone with the battery capacity is large enough. 1150 mAh Lithium Ion battery is present in this series with the power which is claimed to last up to 432 hours of standby time and 5.5 hours talk time. From testing, this phone can last up to 5 days with an active BlackBerry service conditions but skimpy used for other multimedia applications.
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