Sony Ericsson j108i Cedar User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson j108i Cedar User Manual Guide

Sony Ericsson j108i Cedar User Manual Guide
Design :
Sony Ericsson Cedar is designed bar still carry the hallmark of the old. Human Curvature ie, where the body behind his back arched like a human. For quite light weight, while the hands of the right size, although not fairly petite. Plastic abrasive body contour. It looks minimalist, not a lot of ports, slots or buttons around the body. For the keypad, navigation, softkey is spacious. Sony Ericsson claims 50% of the mobile phone can be recycled and do not harm the environment.

Cedar screen size is quite roomy and sharp. Cedar brings something new in front of the display screen. Namely the existence of some widgets (Facebook, My Space, Notes, Twitter, Clock) that line, but hidden.

Sony Ericsson Cedar minimalist look. The body only dihiasai Micro USB port and 3.5 mm Jack hole. Pinned Micro USB port on the left side as entrance data cable and charger. Oddly enough, usually using a Sony Ericsson Pop port type of port for data cable and charger. While Jack 3.5 mm for a wired headset is placed on the upper body.

Note :
Sayangkelima widget that can not be replaced. To display the main menu option is provided 'Rotating', where the menu icons will appear in the play.

Features :
For browsing capabilities, still rely Netfront browser. Initially display is still typical, such as Google Search, Enter Address, and some links. Supplied virtual zoom buttons to zoom the site. Browser supports WAP and WEB display.

Entertainment features provided by this phone include Music Player, which include shuffle, loop, equalizer, stereo widening. View Music Player can be changed according Styles provided 6 options. Do not miss the FM radio feature. There is also the Track ID feature that can give you the info of the song that was heard (singer, title, album, etc.).

Sony Ericsson Cedar brings powerful 2 megapixel camera. The camera is accompanied facility panorama, frames, burst, night mode, self timer, white balance, effects, geo tags, brightness and digital zoom. There was also the Photo Fix that can automatically justify the images are dark. The camera can also record video resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. There is a Video Call feature, but not Cedar does not provide a front camera (secondary). So actually Video Sharing, because it uses the rear camera.

Note :
Sound less banter in the bottom left speaker. The images can be sent directly to facebook or twitter. Can also be seen shooting position on a digital map. Video results can be sent to You Tube.

Performance :
In general, the various features available in Sony Ericsson Cedar is able to run smoothly. But sometimes perceived to type text response is late compared to the speed of the finger pressing the keypad.

To support the various activities, the phone is equipped with a Lithium Polymer type of battery charge capacity of 1000 mAh. We tried to enjoy the various features in this phone, the battery can last all day.

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