Nokia Asha 308 User Manual Guide

Nokia Asha 308 User Manual Guide
Nokia Asha 308 User Manual Guide
Design :
To meet the standards of a beautiful design, the Nokia Asha 308 makes the body slim and thin, so it feels good in the hand-held. On the outer surface, this phone looks simple framework also modern. Merahmatkan Nokia Asha 308 with touch screen 3-inch diagonal and a resolution of 240x400 pixels. The comparison makes it look natural with a good measure of visibility.

Asha 308 pilhan consists of two colors namely black and golden yellow. Without any color gradation (like trim), the entire surface except the screen, the same color. Three hole connection is placed in the head body. They are 2mm hole charge (proprietary), microUSB (data cable), and a 3.5 mm audio jack (earset).

The only difference from the Asha 309 is the existence of a second SIM card slot is placed parallel to the microSD slot, on the right bank. Both are out and protected cover. So you do not need to turn off the phone or lifting the battery to insert the second SIM card and an external memory card. While the first SIM card slot located behind the battery.

Media volume buttons and the screen lock button are on the left. The only camera on the back of the upper part while the speakers are on the bottom. Back cover Asha 308 convex, so the fit on the handheld. Another positive aspect of the back convex surface is becoming more blaring speaker output when set to music while putting the phone on a flat surface.

Note :
The second SIM card to use a micro SIM format. If the first slot located behind the battery, the second is outside, right side.

Features :
Nokia Asha 308 mobile phone can be regarded as an all-in-one that immerse multimedia features, large memory capacity, output and good sound reception. Phone itself is designed to meet also understand its complexity. Both Asha 308 and Asha 309 has the same specs except accommodation Easy Swap dual SIM at 308.

The second variant also has embedded the latest version of Nokia Xpress browser that compresses web pages by up to 90%. 308 makes surfing activity was two times faster than any other phone the same processor. With a pull of the smaller data content delivery procession would also be faster. And, the cost of data usage becomes more efficient. Asha 308 also get additional features Nokia Nearby for local search and swipe-based user interfaces that exist on the N9.

Selapang 3-inch touch screen responds to finger quite accurate. Just one touch to access the majority of the main features. Sweep crosses to jump from app to a customizable homescreen, contacts and call, and swipe down the top of the screen to see the messages and notifications. Quality time with friends is also easier thanks to Facebook and Twitter apps are displayed on the homescreen.

Same with his brother Asha 309, dual-SIM phone also has embedded EA 40 title game, which is equivalent to 75 euros (Rp900.000) free of charge. Ranging from the classic game Tetris blockbuster up to high-speed racing game Need For Speed. In addition to them, you can still download games or other applications on the Nokia Store.

If you are among those who think a camera and other multimedia facilities on a mobile phone is a bonus, then you would assume the camera Nokia Asha 308 as "Mega bonus". Blessed Asha 308 digital camera that can record video and take pictures at high resolution. Photos can be enlarged without losing quality with zoom feature. Provide an opportunity to socialize, you can share photos among peers that you have in social media. Find your destination and get directions turn-by-turn with the Nokia Maps application. Or use Nokia Nearby (nearest search) to find new places to have fun.

Note :
There is no WiFi connection

Performance :
Similar to other Nokia phones, Asha 308 also awarded catches the signal and good quality earpiece so you'll have no trouble hearing the words of a person behind a phone signal even in case of not full. What's more, Asha 308 has great audio and sound system strong, making the activity of the speaker phone to hear the music very enjoyable.

Operating system that carried the Series 40, which specifically OS Nokia Touch series. Asha 308 is a profile other 800MHz processor speed, screen resolution 3-inch WQVA, 1.110mAh battery capacity, internal storage of 20MB which can be expanded up to 32GB using microSD, 2Mpix main camera, and EDGE connection.

Powered by 800MHz processor speed is actually quite snugly-fitting early for a smartphone-like. Local mobile phone made in China now many are already using a 1GHz processor. But because the technology is capable Nokia Xpress Browser, does not feel the lack of it instead. All paths accessible from the internet feels smooth Asha 308. Even open multiple browser windows at the same time did not matter. Plus, each application can be multi-tasking, complete portfolio category "smartphone like" this.

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