LG The Aggressive In 2013

LG The Aggressive In 2013
E-Mauli - As with other mobile phone manufacturers, in 2013 this LG believe that they can sell more product than the previous year. Moreover, the presence of four Nexus pave the way though the South Korean vendors.

Throughout 2012 LG claims to have sold as many as 55 million units of mobile phones around the world, whereas in 2013 they believe could sell at least 77 million units with a composition of 45 million smartphones and 32 million others are feature phones.

With confidence LG on sale in 2013, and not without cause. The reason, they just trusted Google to make the latest generation of Nexus, and is believed to increase public confidence in the quality of their products.

Even so, the number of 77 million is not a large number, especially when compared to Samsung which target would sell 500 million phones in 2013, as quoted from Android Community,